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Human Trafficking Center

Research Assistants

HTC currently has student Research Assistants studying a variety of topics including the intersection of labor rights and trafficking, country-specific human rights violations, trafficking interventions, and rescue and rehabilitation projects.

Alexandra Erickson is an M.A. candidate in International Human Rights with concentrations in International Law and Human Security. Her specializations include gender studies, migration, and forced labor in global supply chains. Additional research interests focus on international human rights law, domestic legislation, and their impact on forced labor and human trafficking, as well as the relationship between law enforcement practices, government policy, and exploitation. Alexandra received her undergraduate degree from Fort Lewis College, with a B.A. in Accounting and International Business.


Elise Mann is an M.A. candidate in International Human Rights with a certificate in Global Health Affairs. She is interested in the intersection of gender, governance, and health. Prior to her studies at Korbel, Elise worked in Washington D.C. on a high-level initiative aimed at elevating reproductive health through public events, private meetings, and media placements. Previously, she served as Field Manager for a community project in Uganda and she studied in Arusha, Tanzania. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a degree in Political Science and minors in Women’s Studies and African Studies.


Annalise Larson Yahne is an M.A. candidate in International Human Rights, with a concentration in Forced Labor and Human Trafficking. At the HTC, Annalise works on the Human Trafficking Index and research projects. She earned a double B.A. in Organizational Communication and Journalism from Azusa Pacific University. Her interest in researching human trafficking comes from multiple lenses and experiences, she has spent the past few years making the transition from working in the entertainment industry to most recently working with homeless services in Los Angeles.