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Monthly Human Trafficking Links: August


Aug 2014



Here is the HTC’s summary of August news and research on human trafficking.

Associate Director of Advocacy Ashley Greve blogged about the need for collaboration in services for human trafficking victims and survivors. Ashley discussed the overlap between fields of service provision such as intimate partner violence, family violence and sexual violence. She noted the resources already in place should be utilized, not overlooked.

HTC associate Sarah Davis wrote about how different faith-based organizations have worked to combat human trafficking. Although religious faith can often be a divider, it can also be a unifer to a cause. Sarah looks at Buddhist, Jewish and inter-faith organizations conducting anti-trafficking work.

Senior associate Silivia Tamminem highlights research conducted into human trafficking at refugee camps. Silvia shares several examples of where trafficking has occurred in these camps and calls for more empirical research on this topic.

Pope Francis’ 2015 World Peace Day message will focus on human trafficking. The Vatican chose human trafficking as its theme noting that it is a threat to peace worldwide. “Slaves no more, but brothers and sisters” is the official theme for the Jan. 1, 2015 message Pope Francis will write.

The Rolling Stone published a list of 5 things you may not know about human trafficking. Anyone dedicated to the cause of trafficking should stay up to date on these lesser-known facts.

A Philadelphia man was sentenced to 22 years for sex trafficking young women. Any trafficking convictions are noteworthy victories for the anti-trafficking field.

The anti-trafficking movement has largely focused on females who have been trafficked, leaving men and boys out of the discourse. The lack of awareness of how males are trafficked often leads to a gap in services available to male survivors of trafficking. This blog post discusses why it’s imperative to consider men and boys in the human trafficking discourse.

One man died and 35 people — including children — were found in a shipping container in a UK port. Criminal gangs and/or human traffickers are suspected to be behind this. The situation highlights the necessity of training law enforcement and border control agents about the nature of human trafficking and how to best assist survivors.

An opinion piece from the Denver Post discusses how the lack of quality aftercare or a protective juvenile justice system means children who are recovered in trafficking stings often end up in less than ideal — and sometimes even harmful — settings. While much emphasis is placed on the identification of trafficking victims, appropriate aftercare and reform to the juvenile justice system deserve increased public attention and funding.

Becky Bullard of the Denver Anti-Trafficking Alliance blogs for Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault about why the term “rescue” is actually detrimental to anti-trafficking efforts. Becky says the term “rescue” creates uneven power dynamics between rescuer and rescuee.

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