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February HTC Blog Link-Up


Mar 2015



by Jeanne Crump, HTC Associate

February marked our one year anniversary of blogging at the HTC. We were nominated for “Best Blog” in the Duck of Minerva contest, explored a wide breadth of topics on and surrounding trafficking, and continued our efforts in publishing, high-quality, researched-focused content.

If you weren’t able to keep up with us, don’t worry! Below we’ve rounded up February’s posts. And if you’d like our blog delivered right to your inbox, sign up for our mailing list here.

Associate Director of Advocacy Ashley Greve provided a wrap-up on the successful Perspectives on Human Trafficking Conference.

Associate Director Oliver Kaplan looked back on the last year of blogging with the posts Marking a Milestone: One Year of Human Trafficking Blogging and A Year of Research Blogging on Human Trafficking.

Ashley Greve and Oliver Kaplan had the opportunity to guest write on openDemocracy’s Beyond Trafficking and Slavery blog where they examine and critique traditional research methods in the human trafficking field in Can Snowball Sampling Estimate Human Trafficking?

Guest writer Leah Goldsmith examined the increased vulnerability to forced labor exploitation in nuclear clean-up sites in Scratching the Surface of a Fukushima-Sized Problem.

HTC Associate Lauren Jekowsky looked at the extent of work that still needs to be accomplished in Haiti’s Restavek system in More Than a Signature: Addressing the Ineffectiveness of International Law Curbing Child Trafficking in Haiti.



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