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Monthly Links: March


Mar 2014


March 31, 2014

In case you missed the blog posts and links shared by the HTC this month, here are our top picks for March.

Blog posts by HTC Associates

Associate Sarah Davis recaps the HTC panel discussion “Flipping the Discourse: Empowerment and Effective Anti-Sex Trafficking Efforts.” The panel featured Billie McIntire, Executive Director of Social Wellness Advocacy Network; Susan Dewey, Assistant Director of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wyoming; and Domina Elle, a therapist and self-professed dominatrix in the Denver area.

Tori Robertson discusses Effective Practices to Disarm, Demobilize and Reintegrate Former Child Soldiers. She highlights the gaps in the DDR process in terms of dealing with the various issues child soldiers face in post-conflict settings. She also offers strategies for improving DDR, including extending services and assistance to different categories of child soldiers, as well as including the broader community in the process. 

Lauren Jekowsky discusses Un-safe Labor Laws and Why U.S State Legislation is Ineffectively Addressing Sex Trafficking of Minors. She analyzes the current goals and assumptions of safe harbor laws, which are enacted to protect minors who are “unable to consent to sexual activities with adults.” Lauren then analyzes existing policy and discusses six parameters Safe Harbor Laws must include in order to ensure effective implementation.


Links from around the world

Forced marriage is an often overlooked form of human trafficking. Though deeply entrenched in many cultural or religious traditions, many human rights advocates view this practice as exploitative and dangerous for young women. In Australia, the Global Freedom Network was inaugurated as a large-scale interfaith initiative to end slavery.

This post, in which the author calls the Qatar World Cup a “complete disaster,” discusses a report from the International Trade Union Confederation. The report indicates 1,200 migrant workers from India and Nepal have died in Qatar since the country was awarded the 2022 World Cup. 

Polaris Project Congratulates 12 Years a Slave on its Oscar Wins. This thoughtful work by director Steve McQueen has already helped bring awareness to issues of forced servitude in America’s history, as well as the ongoing problem of modern day slavery. 

In the 13 years since the Swedish government enacted a law to criminalize sex trafficking, it has been unable to prove the law has reduced the number of sex buyers or sellers or has decreased trafficking. In this post, a former sex worker shares her opinion on the potential of the Swedish model’s expansion to the EU and what the risks and consequences may be.

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