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Human Trafficking Center

Videos and Documentaries

To help you learn more about human trafficking, the HTC has compiled a list of multimedia resources containing information and stories about human trafficking. These will help expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge of the anti-trafficking movement.


Amazing Grace (Bristol Bay Productions)

Bling: A Planet Rock  (MMVII Image Entertainment)

Born Into Brothels (Think Film – HBO/Cinemax – Red Light Films)

Child Labor in Brazil (UN/Showtime “What’s Going On?” Series) (Zenger Media)

Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone (UN/Showtime “What’s Going On?” Series) (Zenger Media)

CSA: The Confederate States of America (IFC Films & Spike Lee)

Dreams Die Hard: Survivors of Slavery in America Tell Their Stories (Free the Slaves)

Dying to Leave (Wide Angle)

Heading South – Vers le sud (Genius Entertainment)

Human Trafficking (Echo Bridge TV mini-series)

In Plain Sight: Slavery in America (ABC News) [Nightline]

Innocent Voices (Voces Inocentes) (Alta Vista Films) (Santo Domingo Films) (Mum Films)

Invisible Children: Discover the Unseen (Invisible Children)

Love Me Long Time: Sex Tourism in Thailand

Lilya4-Ever (Memfis Film)

Lives for Sale (Maryknoll) (Lightfoot Films)

NOT for Sale: The Documentary (The Fund to End Slavery)

Rent a Rasta (Yeah But Not Now Productions)

Sex Slaves (Frontline)

Sex Traffic (Granada Television) (Big Motion Pictures)

The Silent Revolution: Sankalp and the Quarry Slaves (Free the Slaves)

Sita: A Girl From Jambu (Kathleen Man – Surfside Pictures)

Slavery: A Global Investigation (True Vision – Free the Slaves)

Slavery and the Making of America (PBS)