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Human Trafficking Center


Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking


We envision a world where anti-trafficking professionals have the resources to achieve justice and restitution for victims of trafficking.


Our mission is to enable anti-trafficking advocates and legal providers to connect across
borders and build solutions together.


ALIGHT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that fulfills the needs of anti-trafficking professionals by developing an online networking portal that provides access to resources and on-the-ground assistance in their clients’ countries of origin. We believe that by connecting advocates, lawyers, and experts to each other, they will partner for more effective case advocacy and collective solutions building.

We are a team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds who care deeply about delivering justice and supporting victims and survivors of human trafficking as they rebuild their lives. Our Executive Director has worked on human trafficking cases in New York and on human trafficking policy issues in Europe and Russia. ALIGHT began by incubating at The Human Trafficking Center at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver and was supported by several then-graduate students. The first stage was dedicated to researching and analyzing the problems facing the human trafficking community to develop the initial foundation for our technological solution. Once we became an independent nonprofit, we began adding new team members, including a legal advisor, marketing specialist, and solutions engineer. Currently our team draws on expertise and backgrounds in legal representation/advocacy, engineering technological solutions, marketing, international security, and research/statistics towards enacting ALIGHT’s mission.

Team Leadership

Marianna Kosharovsky—Founder & Executive Director
Holly Redmond—Director of Operations
Kristen Berg—Director of Outreach & Partnerships
Lena Gerber—Director of Marketing
Jeffrey Michalczak—Director of Legal Affairs