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child marriage Yemen


Feb 2016


Spotlight: Child Marriage in Yemen

by Katie Smedema, Research Assistant “… I learned that marriages to little girls are not unusual in the countryside, so for these people, I didn’t seem like an exception.  There is even a tribal proverb [in Yemen] that says, ‘To guarantee a happy marriage, marry a nine-year-old girl.’” -Nujood Ali, I am Nujood, Age 10 ...

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Members of an Ethiopian community talk about child marriage in a DFID-funded program which aims to produce behavioral changes that will end this practice.


Nov 2015


Embracing Social Conventions to End Forced Marriage

  by Rex Hamaker, Director of Marketing and Communications Forced marriage, like so many aspects of human trafficking, is often deeply entrenched in the communities where it is practiced.  In addition to high-profile cases like Boko Haram and ISIS, forced marriage is widespread in a number of countries as well as in immigrant ...

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Mar 2015


Modern Servitude Beneath the Guise of the Islamic Marriage Contract

  by Corey Greer, HTC Associate Summer Marriage is a phenomenon bridging Islam and slavery that is reported less often than atrocities such as Boko Haram’s abduction of 276 girls or the slaying of 12 Charlie Hebdo employees, but is equally as important. Documentation in the news and in the US Trafficking in Persons Reports ...

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