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Aug 2016


Uganda’s Ban on Sending Workers to Saudi Arabia: What is the Next Step?

By Marie-Claire Bagazonzya, Research Assistant Background Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. Coined the “Pearl of Africa,” it has an abundance of wildlife and natural resources which put the country on the map as a tourist destination. However, due to Uganda’s low GDP and young population, there are less job ...

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Mar 2015


Unimplemented laws and social norms lead to migrant abuses in Saudi Arabia

  by Kara Napolitano, HTC Associate Saudi Arabia has a population of 28.8 million people — one-third of whom are migrants.  Migrant workers (mostly from South Asia) depend on employment in Saudi Arabia for their families’ livelihood. The country is governed based on Sharia, or Islamic, law, which has not been codified ...

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