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Apr 2017


Trading Violence for Exploitation: Challenges for Unaccompanied Minors

  By Emily Gwash, Guest Blogger* The growing humanitarian crisis caused by millions of people fleeing violence and devastation in Syria has captured the world’s attention. A whole host of accompanying issues and dilemmas concerning the plight of these refugees have been identified, garnering further consideration from the ...

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Apr 2016


How Immigration Policies Create Smugglers

  Note: This blog was originally published on the Allegra Laboratory website. You can find the original post here. By Rebecca Galemba, PhD, Faculty Fellow Since 2012, Mexico has stepped up efforts to combat human trafficking. In practice, trafficking and human smuggling are often conflated by officials and law enforcement. It ...

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Oct 2015


Fighting Wage Theft Through Strengths-based Collaboration

(Note: This is the third blog in a series on wage theft in the Denver area based on the research of a team of graduate students at the University of Denver under the direction of Rebecca Galemba, PhD and Raja Raghunath, JD.   The prevoius posts can be found here and here.) By Anne Dunlop, Guest Blogger […]

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Protestors conflating sex trafficking with human trafficking.


Sep 2015


Separating sex and labor trafficking is ahistorical, misguided, harmful

  by Rex Hamaker, Marketing and Communications Director In the moral panic surrounding the conversation about commercial sexual exploitation, what is often overlooked is the exploitation of labor. The societal focus on sex trafficking – at the expense of labor trafficking – is ideological, not logical, and certainly not ...

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Sep 2014


Root Causes and Contradictions of the Displaced Youth along the U.S./Mexico Border

  by Monica Petersen, guest blogger You won’t hear about it in sound bites of coverage on the evening news, but every American should understand these seven facts about the 63,000+ kids that “showed up in the backyard” and need their plight acknowledged. Illicit markets thrive where licit markets have been destroyed. ...

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Jul 2014


Unraveling the immigration crisis and what to do about it

by Dana Bruxvoort, Communications Coordinator  Fingers are being pointed and blame is being cast in Washington regarding the more than 50,000 undocumented Central American children who have crossed the U.S. border in the previous nine months. The legislative branch is at a standstill as Democrats blame the former Bush ...

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May 2014


Immigration controls: Protecting borders to end trafficking?

by Dana Bruxvoort, HTC associate (This is the first post in a three-part series about migrants’ rights and human trafficking.) Human trafficking is a rare site of public consensus, typically eliciting a visceral public reaction. This type of public concern makes human trafficking a convenient platform upon which to build ...

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Mar 2014


Human Smuggling, Trafficking and Immigration Reform: Recommendations for Policymakers

by Heather Randall, HTC associate One often overlooked aspect of the controversial issue of immigration reform is the connection between undocumented migration and human trafficking. Efforts to strengthen border security can paradoxically drive vulnerable illegal migrants into the arms of human smugglers and actually lead to an ...

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