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Sold film sex trafficking


May 2016


Film Review: Sold

  By Rex Hamaker, Director of Marketing and Communications Bottom line The goal of the film is to raise awareness and money to fight trafficking. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably sufficiently aware that minors are commercially sexually exploited.  Instead of buying a ticket, donate directly to anti-trafficking ...

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Feb 2014


Anti-Trafficking Raids, Redux

  By Dana Bruxvoort, HTC associate Last week I wrote a blog post about rethinking anti-trafficking efforts, particularly raid and rescue missions. I argued raids are largely ineffective when they fail to differentiate between sex workers and individuals who have been trafficked. Worse, they can be traumatizing when those ...

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Jan 2014


The Untold Side of Raids and Rescues: Rethinking Anti-Trafficking Efforts

By Dana Bruxvoort, HTC Associate The emotive nature of sex trafficking has led to various “quick fix” responses that show positive, immediate results. But when knowledge doesn’t follow passion, the resulting practices are ineffective and can have detrimental long-term effects. The widely practiced “raid and rescue” model ...

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