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Apr 2017


Trading Violence for Exploitation: Challenges for Unaccompanied Minors

  By Emily Gwash, Guest Blogger* The growing humanitarian crisis caused by millions of people fleeing violence and devastation in Syria has captured the world’s attention. A whole host of accompanying issues and dilemmas concerning the plight of these refugees have been identified, garnering further consideration from the ...

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Sep 2016


One Year Later: ASEAN Anti-Trafficking Action Plan Still Dormant

  By Leanne McCallum, Human Trafficking Index Project Manager In November of 2015, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) made an historic move by creating the ASEAN Convention and Plan of Action Against Trafficking in Persons Especially in Women and Children (ACTIP). This action plan has the potential to instigate ...

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Aug 2016


The UN’s Approach to Combating Human Trafficking

  By Jocelyn Iverson, Director of Communications and Social Media The United Nations (UN) has long been seen as the global leader for issues concerning human rights.  The relatively nascent anti-human trafficking movement is no exception, as can be seen by the adoption of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking ...

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May 2016


Sending the Vulnerable to Traffickers: Refugees and Migration Policies

By Amber Moffett, Research Assistant “With the expanded scope of informed participants across sectors, and an increase in transnational research on core legal issues and procedures, there is hope for a significantly stronger international refugee protection regime. The search for the necessary political will, however, remains a ...

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Missing Links and Misperceptions: Examining the Current Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking


May 2016


Missing Links and Misperceptions: Criminal Justice and Human Trafficking

  By Jocelyn Iverson, Research Assistant Roadblocks Misperceptions, preconceived notions and a lack of adequate training have put up multiple roadblocks within the criminal justice system to the liberation and rehabilitation of survivors of human trafficking.  The fact that trafficked persons are already a vulnerable, often ...

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Apr 2016


How Immigration Policies Create Smugglers

  Note: This blog was originally published on the Allegra Laboratory website. You can find the original post here. By Rebecca Galemba, PhD, Faculty Fellow Since 2012, Mexico has stepped up efforts to combat human trafficking. In practice, trafficking and human smuggling are often conflated by officials and law enforcement. It ...

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Mar 2014


Human Smuggling, Trafficking and Immigration Reform: Recommendations for Policymakers

by Heather Randall, HTC associate One often overlooked aspect of the controversial issue of immigration reform is the connection between undocumented migration and human trafficking. Efforts to strengthen border security can paradoxically drive vulnerable illegal migrants into the arms of human smugglers and actually lead to an ...

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