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Feb 2016


8 Things to do Instead of Worrying about the Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Myth

  By Rex Hamaker, Marketing and Communications Director Reports of waves of sex trafficking victims being shipped to major sporting events, including the Super Bowl, are popping up all over newsfeeds in the run up to the big game.  Journalists with integrity note, though often buried deep into their stories, that these fears ...

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Feb 2014


Links of the Week

    New blog posts by HTC Associates Associate Peter Rocco blogged about the “Forced Labor at the Sochi Games.” He discusses reports by Human Rights Watch documenting the prevalence of force labor in Sochi as well as the country’s tier status on the U.S. State Department’s 2013 Trafficking in Persons. Another blog ...

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Feb 2014


Forced Labor at the Sochi Games

  By HTC associate Peter Rocco (Photo: Workers in Sochi, Russia ( Copyright Stefan Krasowski, via Creative Commons BY 2.0)  When the Olympic Games open today in Sochi, Russia, television viewers will no doubt be treated to views of brand new stadiums and other displays of Vladimir Putin’s largesse. Unfortunately, NBC’s ...

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