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Feb 2016


8 Things to do Instead of Worrying about the Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Myth

  By Rex Hamaker, Marketing and Communications Director Reports of waves of sex trafficking victims being shipped to major sporting events, including the Super Bowl, are popping up all over newsfeeds in the run up to the big game.  Journalists with integrity note, though often buried deep into their stories, that these fears ...

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Apr 2014


Funding Priorities in Human Trafficking

  by David Esarey, HTC associate One of the greatest challenges in the field of anti-human trafficking is the misallocation of limited resources and funding. Because the anti-trafficking movement is relatively new – the initial legislation was only passed in 2000 – there is a lack of methodologically sound research showing ...

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Feb 2014


Anti-Trafficking Raids, Redux

  By Dana Bruxvoort, HTC associate Last week I wrote a blog post about rethinking anti-trafficking efforts, particularly raid and rescue missions. I argued raids are largely ineffective when they fail to differentiate between sex workers and individuals who have been trafficked. Worse, they can be traumatizing when those ...

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