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Human Trafficking Center

Update from the Human Trafficking Council Planning Retreat


Feb 2015



by Victoria Robertson, HTC Associate

On Friday, January 23, the Human Trafficking Council convened for the fourth time and hosted its first all-day Planning Retreat.

The first half of the meeting was spent covering administrative tasks. Foremost, the council welcomed two new members, Jill and Lester. For the rest of the first half of the meeting, the council voted on by-law articles, successfully passing all provisions.  Next, Vice-Chair Becky Bullard presented on the Planning Committees’ three year trajectory for the Council, as well as on their recommendations for committees and task forces to be established. The committee proposed the creation of the following four tasks forces:

  1. Certification and Standards for Service Providers Committee. This committee will make recommendations to the Committees for the House and Senate concerning the establishment of standards and processes of service providers.
  2. Grant Program Committee. This committee will make recommendations to the Judiciary Committee of the House and Senate concerning grant programs and how such programs might be funded
  3. Statutory Changes Committee. This committee will make recommendations concerning statutory changes for the purposes of facilitating the prosecution and punishment of persons who engage in, and protect the victims of human trafficking.
  4. Data Collection Committee. This committee will collect data related to the prevalence of human trafficking and related efforts of law enforcement. This Council will report to the Judiciary Committee.

These committees were approved by the Council; there was concern, however, regarding the failure to include forced-labor, both within the Committees and the three-year plan.

The next Human Trafficking Council meeting will be held from 9am to 12pm on February 27, 2015, at the Jefferson County Human Services Building located at 900 Jefferson County Parkway.


Photo: Via Creative Commons 


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