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From the HTC blog.

  • Modern Servitude Beneath the Guise of the Islamic Marriage Contract

  by Corey Greer, HTC Associate Summer Marriage is a phenomenon bridging Islam and slavery that is reported less often than atrocities such as Boko Haram’s abduction of 276 girls or the slaying of 12 Charlie Hebdo employees, but is equally as important. Documentation in the news and in the US Trafficking in Persons Reports […]

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  • Unimplemented laws and social norms lead to migrant abuses in Saudi Arabia

  by Kara Napolitano, HTC Associate Saudi Arabia has a population of 28.8 million people — one-third of whom are migrants.  Migrant workers (mostly from South Asia) depend on employment in Saudi Arabia for their families’ livelihood. The country is governed based on Sharia, or Islamic, law, which has not been codified and leaves significant […]

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  • More Than a Signature: Addressing the Ineffectiveness of International Law Curbing Child Trafficking in Haiti

  By Lauren Jekowsky, HTC Associate From ruthless military dictators to natural disasters and cholera outbreaks, the people of Haiti have historically been socially and economically crippled, resulting in its current standing as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Because of Haiti’s dilapidated infrastructure, controversial cultural norms and economic strain, forced labor and child […]

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