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  • Thousands of Senegalese Children Sent to Qu’ranic School, Forced to Beg Instead

  By Rachel Borrell, guest blogger In March 2013 a fire engulfed a Qu’ranic school (or daara) in the Dakar neighbourhood of Medina, killing eight young students – otherwise known as talibés. Their teacher and guardian was absent, apparently having returned to his house due to the unsanitary and uninhabitable conditions in the daara. The tragedy […]

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  • Unimplemented laws and social norms lead to migrant abuses in Saudi Arabia

  by Kara Napolitano, HTC Associate Saudi Arabia has a population of 28.8 million people — one-third of whom are migrants.  Migrant workers (mostly from South Asia) depend on employment in Saudi Arabia for their families’ livelihood. The country is governed based on Sharia, or Islamic, law, which has not been codified and leaves significant […]

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Microfinance in India
  • Microfinance and Human Trafficking: Models for Prevention and Rehabilitation

  by Jeanne Crump, HTC Associate In the last 20 years, the microfinance field has made significant progress in closing the global economic inequality gap. It has also been a useful tool in preventing the root causes of vulnerability many trafficking victims fall prey to. In addition, microfinance programs that provide human trafficking survivors access […]

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