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  • October Human Trafficking News

  by Victoria Robertson, HTC associate HTC Associate Beth Harrell wrote on the ramifications of and reasons for Malaysia’s downgrade from Tier 2 Watch List to Tier 3 ranking in the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report. Associate Sarah Davis reported on the 2014 State Ratings on Human Trafficking Laws produced by Washington, D.C.-based NGO Polaris. […]

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  • ISIS: One of Many Contributors to Trafficking in Syria and Iraq

  by Jenni Hankel, Associate Director of Research While rape, sexual violence and human trafficking are not new phenomena to the Middle East, the media’s focus on abuses by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has made it appear as though sex and labor trafficking rates are increasing rapidly. As ISIS continues to kidnap […]

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  • Human Trafficking Through the Lens of Relational Violence

  by Ashley Greve, Associate Director of Advocacy As services for human trafficking victims and survivors develop, it is becoming clear that such services need not be assembled from scratch. There are many overlapping fields of service provision that deliver the same trauma-informed care, including intimate partner violence, family violence and sexual violence. Those on […]

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