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From the HTC blog.

  • Trafficking in Plain Sight: Exploitation of Sales Crews

  by Ashley Greve, Staff If a salesperson knocked on your door and asked for money to purchase their product, would you recognize them as a potential victim of human trafficking? Trafficking in the form of door-to-door sales jobs happens every day- even in Denver. If you’ve ever heard of debt bondage and thought that […]

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  • Legalizing marijuana may heighten Colorado street youths’ vulnerability to human trafficking

  By Elizabeth Harrell, Events Coordinator The legalization of marijuana for recreational use has long been contentious. Some proponents argue that legalization of marijuana has many positive impacts, including increased state revenue through taxation, and in the long-run will lessen the burden on the criminal justice system. Opponents argue that marijuana has negative public health […]

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  • Memex Helps Find Human Trafficking Cases Online

  By Seth Daire, Associate In February 2015 the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, announced the Memex program, which aims to create new internet search engine technologies that better discover, organize, and present information relating to specific subjects. Their initially stated goal is to apply Memex […]

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