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Human Trafficking Coltan Congo


Mar 2016


Sanctions against the DRC Won’t End Slavery

  By Catie Fowler, Research Assistant The Issue The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a nation beset by civil conflict.  A multitude of armed groups vie for power in the eastern Kivu provinces of the country, waging guerilla-style warfare against the Congolese military and against each other.  These groups control the ...

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Oct 2015


Fighting Wage Theft Through Strengths-based Collaboration

(Note: This is the third blog in a series on wage theft in the Denver area based on the research of a team of graduate students at the University of Denver under the direction of Rebecca Galemba, PhD and Raja Raghunath, JD.   The prevoius posts can be found here and here.) By Anne Dunlop, Guest Blogger […]

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Jul 2015


Bureaucratic Deadlines & Economic Deals No Excuse for Ignoring Longstanding Trafficking

by Kara Napolitano, Staff   The political aspects of how the State Department ranks countries on their anti-human trafficking efforts have long been contentious.   In anticipation of the release of the 2015 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report  many have questioned whether the recent surge in media attention on the issue of ...

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Jun 2015


Trafficking in Plain Sight: Exploitation of Sales Crews

  by Ashley Greve, Staff If a salesperson knocked on your door and asked for money to purchase their product, would you recognize them as a potential victim of human trafficking? Trafficking in the form of door-to-door sales jobs happens every day- even in Denver. If you’ve ever heard of debt bondage and thought that […]

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Mar 2015


Unimplemented laws and social norms lead to migrant abuses in Saudi Arabia

  by Kara Napolitano, HTC Associate Saudi Arabia has a population of 28.8 million people — one-third of whom are migrants.  Migrant workers (mostly from South Asia) depend on employment in Saudi Arabia for their families’ livelihood. The country is governed based on Sharia, or Islamic, law, which has not been codified ...

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Apr 2014


“Made In China – But Was It Made In A Prison”: A Recap

by Tori Robertson, HTC associate Recently, Professor Claude d’Estrée of the Human Trafficking Center was interviewed for the NPR article “Made In China – But Was It Made In A Prison?” For years, Chinese goods have been products of forced labor, including those produced by inmates within China’s ...

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Feb 2014


Trapped to Pick Berries in Finland: The Many Forms of Labour Trafficking

  By Silvia Tamminen, HTC associate Much of the reporting on labour trafficking is about domestic servitude or exploitative work conditions in developing countries such as India, Brazil and Mexico. Countries of Northern Europe, such as Finland, are rarely associated with labour exploitation and human rights violations. However, ...

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