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Nov 2014


What’s lacking in New York’s Anti-Trafficking Legislation?

  (Photo: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, via Creative Commons) by Jeanne Crump, HTC associate On October 16th New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into legislation a bill that would protect young victims of trafficking by granting two primary protections: a sealing provision of victim’s records and a decriminalization ...

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safe harbor denver capitol building


Mar 2014


Un-Safe Harbor: Why U.S. State Legislation is Ineffectively Addressing Sex Trafficking of Minors

by Lauren Jekowsky, HTC associate As a response to growing concerns about the domestic sex trafficking of minors, U.S. states have adopted Safe Harbor laws. These laws intend to protect minors who have been trafficked or experienced sexual exploitation. Safe Harbor laws have been fully implemented in twelve states and partially ...

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Feb 2014


Anti-Trafficking Raids, Redux

  By Dana Bruxvoort, HTC associate Last week I wrote a blog post about rethinking anti-trafficking efforts, particularly raid and rescue missions. I argued raids are largely ineffective when they fail to differentiate between sex workers and individuals who have been trafficked. Worse, they can be traumatizing when those ...

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