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Mar 2016


Men for Wood: State Enabled Exploitation in Russia and North Korea

  By Jillian Janflone, Graduate Director  This is the second in a two-part series about North Korea and human trafficking.  The first entry can be found here. North Korea is actively involved in the selling of its own citizens to Russia. Due to a harsh combination of economic mismanagement and natural disasters, North Korea ...

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Nov 2014


Foreign Agents Act Chills Anti-Trafficking Efforts in Russia

  by Marianna Kosharovsky, Director of the Strategic Resources Alliance at The Human Trafficking Center Anti-trafficking advocates in Russia operate in a famously cold setting where political and legal pressures freeze them out of public policy discussions. Federal Law #121-FZ, popularly known as the Foreign Agents Act, limits ...

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Feb 2014


Forced Labor at the Sochi Games

  By HTC associate Peter Rocco (Photo: Workers in Sochi, Russia ( Copyright Stefan Krasowski, via Creative Commons BY 2.0)  When the Olympic Games open today in Sochi, Russia, television viewers will no doubt be treated to views of brand new stadiums and other displays of Vladimir Putin’s largesse. Unfortunately, NBC’s ...

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