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Apr 2017


Trafficking in Children? Actually No – Why Illegal Adoption is NOT Child Trafficking

  By Amber Moffett, Graduate Associate Director Why choose to adopt a child from another country? For many, it’s the inability to have a child themselves. For others, it may be that they simply want to provide a child with the opportunity for a better life than what would be provided them in a third-world […]

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Jan 2017


Decoding Ambiguity: The future of anti-trafficking policy under the Trump administration

  By Leanne McCallum, Human Trafficking Index Project Manager With less than a week until his inauguration day, President-elect Donald Trump has yet to publicly address human trafficking as a policy issue. As his inauguration day draws near, the question lingers: what will anti-trafficking policy look like under the Trump ...

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Dec 2016


Georgia’s Safe Harbor Amendment on Human Trafficking Not All That It Appears

  By Laura A. Dean, Guest Blogger* Georgia voters decidedly adopted constitutional Amendment 2, the so called Safe Harbor Act by proponents and “pole tax” by opponents on Tuesday, November 8. With over 83 percent of the vote in favor, this amendment was approved with a higher percentage than any other constitutional ...

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Oct 2016


Sex and Morality: Why Americans are So Averse to the Conversation on Forced Labor

  By Catie Fowler, Projects Manager The HTC was honored last Wednesday to have Yvonne Zimmerman, a noted theologian and the author of Other Dreams of Freedom: Religion, Sex, and Human Trafficking, return to speak to our students for the sixth consecutive year.  Zimmerman’s speech, which highlighted the theological foundations ...

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Sep 2016


One Year Later: ASEAN Anti-Trafficking Action Plan Still Dormant

  By Leanne McCallum, Human Trafficking Index Project Manager In November of 2015, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) made an historic move by creating the ASEAN Convention and Plan of Action Against Trafficking in Persons Especially in Women and Children (ACTIP). This action plan has the potential to instigate ...

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Feb 2016


FTS Leader Teaches DU Students How to Free Slaves

Note: This blog was originally published on the Free the Slaves website. You can find the original post here.  By Rex Hamaker, Director of Marketing and Communications When asked what he does for a living, Maurice Middleberg answers with a smile: “I free slaves.” On February 9, he told students just how he does it, as […]

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Feb 2016


HTC Hosts Yvonne Zimmerman

By Rachael Laustrup, Research Associate Yvonne Zimmerman spoke to students at the Human Trafficking Center on October 28, 2015.  A graduate of the Iliff School of Theology and the Korbel School of International Studies, Zimmerman, author of Other Dreams of Freedom: Religion, Sex and Human Trafficking(2012), sheds light on ...

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Oct 2015


Fighting Wage Theft Through Strengths-based Collaboration

(Note: This is the third blog in a series on wage theft in the Denver area based on the research of a team of graduate students at the University of Denver under the direction of Rebecca Galemba, PhD and Raja Raghunath, JD.   The prevoius posts can be found here and here.) By Anne Dunlop, Guest Blogger […]

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Protestors conflating sex trafficking with human trafficking.


Sep 2015


Separating sex and labor trafficking is ahistorical, misguided, harmful

  by Rex Hamaker, Marketing and Communications Director In the moral panic surrounding the conversation about commercial sexual exploitation, what is often overlooked is the exploitation of labor. The societal focus on sex trafficking – at the expense of labor trafficking – is ideological, not logical, and certainly not ...

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Aug 2015


The Case for Prevention: One Piece in the Anti-Trafficking Puzzle

by Sarah Davis, HTC Associate   “Human trafficking is not a new phenomenon. Activists have worked throughout history to eradicate slavery and exploitation, and no one organization or individual stands alone in this movement. The problem is complex and constantly changing, and everyone must play a role in creating a solution as ...

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